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Self-Funded Employers

Pre-Payment Protection​

Stop Overpaying on Employee Healthcare Claims

Overpayments on error-filled claims could be costing you hundreds of dollars per employee each year. Work with Alaffia to eliminate overpayments and drive more savings to the bottom-line.

The Alaffia system detects and corrects inaccurately billed claims, preventing overpayments. 

We work directly with your health plan or TPA for seamless integration and no disruption to your members.

We ensure that providers aren’t charging your employees for services not rendered. 

Our services are entirely contingency-based, so you only pay when we deliver savings.

Health Plans & TPAs

Pre-Payment Protection & Post-Payment Recovery

Reduce Costs For Members

Reduce improper payments resulting from fraud, waste, and abuse. Alaffia’s system detects and corrects misbilled claims driving savings to your organization and members.  

Arm your payment integrity teams with next-generation technology to most effectively eliminate improper payments.

Prevent and recover improper payments to drive savings to your members

We create thorough claim-level analyses and reports to help you stay informed about your provider networks.

We work closely with your providers and educate them on the latest and best billing practices to prevent errors in the future. 

Government Agencies

Pre-Payment Protection & Post-Payment Recovery

Tackle Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Reduce improper payment rates resulting from fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare claims. Alaffia’s next-generation technology system most effectively detects, corrects, and reduces inaccurate claims.  

Our AI-powered system allows us to audit more claims resulting in significantly lower improper payment rates and industry-leading recoveries. 

Arm your internal teams and processes with the latest in artificial intelligence technology. 

Recycle those saved dollars into preventative care programs and initiatives. 

We seamlessly integrate and work closely with providers to educate them on the best billing practices to prevent errors in the future. 

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